The Fine Art of Lip Syncing

We don’t want to seem like alarmists or anything, but we have reason to believe that the girl in this video might be lip syncing. For one thing, those vocals are spot on. That’s hard to pull off live, yet she doesn’t even appear to be struggling in the least. And we’re pretty sure in a few spots her words and the movement of her mouth don’t quite match up. That’s a telltale sign of prerecorded shenanigans right there.

But aside from those few noticeable flaws, everything looks pretty much legit. Oh, right, there’s also the fact that she’s singing into the goddamn handle of the microphone. You should probably take that into account also when deciding if this performance is on the level. This chick doesn’t need vocal lessons, she just needs to pay attention to the smaller details a little better is all.