The Best NASCAR Tattoo Ever

When Matt Kenseth won the Daytona 500 in February 2012, his spotter, Mike Calinoff, was so stoked he got a tattoo of No. 17′s car on his left shin.

Dude clearly digs his job. ”Being a spotter,” says Calinooff, “is the closest you can get [to the racetrack] without driving the car yourself — and it’s less dangerous.” It’s a pretty cool gig. What he’s got to do is hang out on a balcony way over the stands and walkie-talkie talk his track advice direct over to Kenseth. “Drivers can’t see ahead,” he tells me. So Old Eagle Eyes here helps a fellow out.

“My mother says I never shut up, so it’s a good job,” he says.


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Photos: Frederik Byrn Køhlert.