The Best Fan-Made Movie Trailers Ever

Ender’s Game

Jake Lloyd was once touted as the boy who would be Ender. Since then the actor has squandered what little promise he showed playing Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, and has proceeded to flunk his way out of child stardom and into fledgling adulthood. After all these years the Ender’s Game movie remains in development hell, but this trailer does a nice job of teasing a film adaptation of the excellent Orson Scott Card novel.

Green Lantern

This fan trailer casts Firefly actor Nathan Filion in the role of the Green Lantern. This is an epic achievement with some terrific CG additions to found footage. The official trailer for the the upcoming Green Lantern film, starring Ryan Reynolds, was released earlier this week. But this fan edit still gets me more excited than the big studio teaser.


Brad Pitt as Lion-O? Vin Diesel as Panthro? By Jaga’s beard, this thing is incredible. The additional CG and painting done on top of scenes from Troy, X-Men and Lord of the Rings is absolutely incredible. If a studio made this film they’d have a gigantic hit on their hands. This is the gold standard in fan trailers.

World War Z

World War Z is one of the quintessential Zombie novels that does seem quite primed for a film adaptation and, while The Walking Dead is doing a great job, there can never be too many zombies roaming around.

Batman 3: The Riddler

Christopher Nolan has already revealed that The Dark Night Rises will not have the Riddler, but this mashup trailer, with heavy use of footage from Zodiac, has us hoping Nolan might change his mind.


Video game movies are generally a disaster, but this trailer for a film based on the Halo series of  games is an incredibly clever take on how to tell the story.

Ghostbusters 3

Hey, Bill Murray! Why? Why have you held up Ghostbusters 3 for all these years. This trailer is a bit on the generic side, but it is about Ghostbusters. And who doesn’t want to bust up some ghosts?

The Importance of Being Earnest Goes To Camp

Jim Varney may be dead, but the greatest Earnest P. Worrel story would have been a classic retelling of a renowned Oscar Wilde play.

Robocop VS. Terminator

Man-machine vs. Machine. The age-old battle. If we didn’t learn our lesson from Aliens Vs. Predator or Freddy vs. Jason–and we certainly didn’t–then a film like this makes perfect sense. Of course it makes sense! How freaking awesome would this battle be? Epically awesome! There aren’t enough symbols on the keyboard to cover up all the dirty swear words we want to shout out to convey how stoked we are for this!