The 6 Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History

1. Only in Agence Provocateur Ads Do Lingerie-Clad Hotties Tackle Robbers

Um, like, yeah. This would totally happen. Maybe over in the Penthouse Forum section (does that still even exist?) but certainly not in your real life. Likely, you’d get some sweaty pig with too much body hair and a beer gut chasing you in tighty whities than some hot chick whose dress happens to rip off revealing her super hot lingerie. But this is just an ad featuring a hottie in lingerie. So just enjoy.

2. Fast Driving, Not Sweaty Cleavage, Gets Ad Banned

You’ll have to watch closely to catch a glimpse of the cleavage in this ad. Supposedly the ad was banned becasue it advocates “reckless and unsafe driving.” But do we really care about that? At all? Of course we don’t. The ad has a hot chick in it and that’s all we care about in this column. She’s got a nice, short dress on too. But be sure to watch for the sweaty cleavage shot.

3. Is Kate Moss Really That Sexy?

Certainly, you are familiar with famous Supermodel Kate Moss, right? SHe’s been doing her thing for years. Now she can be seen in a new ad campaign for fashion brand Mango. But is she really all that? Perhaps in a classic sense, yes. Have a look at a few of the images from the campaign and you decide.



4. Yet Another Victoria’s Secret Lingerie-Fest on the Way

Wouldn’t you just love to be on this Victoria’s Secret ad campaign photo shoot. Oh, the life of a Victoria’s Secret photographer. Check out this hotness as the Angels gather to shoot images for the brand’s new Dream Angels Spring 2012 collection.

5. When a Box Is Not a Box

Box. It’s just a word, right? You know, to describe a squarish thing you can put stuff in and place on the shelf in your closet for safe keeping. One wonders just how the word came to mean something entirely different and how reference after reference to that different meaning became commonplace. Even in ads like this one for some nutritional supplement called Gaspari Nutrition that carries the headline, “The Most Sought After Box on the Planet.”

6. Disney Cutie Selena Gomez Transforms into Perfume Shilling Hottie

How quickly they grow up. One day they’re just a little kid on some Disney show. Another and they’re smokin’ hot and an object of desire for all to appreciate. The latest Disney darling to shed her innocence is Selena Gomez who just launched a perfume line and is out with an ad campaign to support the launch. The photo shoot took place inside a water tank and the ad you see here is the result.