The 10 Most Cleverly Named Porta Potty Companies

porta pottyWho doesn’t love a little scatological humor? And one of the best places to get it is from the portable toilet industry, because when you’re in the shit house business you have to be able to make fun of yourself to survive with your sanity intact.

With that in mind, we now honor ten of our favorite port-a-john company names and logos. They’re craptastic!

Honey Bucket

honey bucket

With a name like Honey Bucket, it has to smell good! And while we certainly appreciate what good shit this company’s name is, we salute them for taking it to the next level with a toilet-style coffee mug emblazoned with their sweet name, which you can purchase on their website. They make a perfect stocking stuffer for that hard to buy for relative who has every other outhouse company coffee mug already.

Happy Can

happy can

There’s just something about the wildly grinning, tongue-wagging logo of Happy Can portable crappers that makes you want to visit the loo even if you don’t have to. Although we’re not entirely comfortable with the idea until we find out what Mr. Happy there is planning to do with that finger.



This Chicago-based port-a-john’s use of a fiddle-playing midget is pretty damn clever, but if this is the “pot of gold” that leprechauns are always trying to protect, we think we’ll just go ahead and let them keep it.

Doodie Calls

Doodie Calls

Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go. And that sentiment is perfectly captured in the logo of the Doodie Calls company, especially the speed lines this guy is leaving behind as he high tails it to the john. At least we hope those lines are supposed to show how fast he’s running.

Potty Queen

potty queen

We love Potty Queen because it hits a trifecta of cleverness – a stylish name, a regal logo and an unforgettable phone number – 1-800-TO-POTTY.



We saw several blog posts online commenting on the fact that Spanky’s portable thrones give the impression of providing privacy for something other than going to the bathroom.

Blow Bros

Blow Bros

Hey, if you’re going to vacuum up feces for a living you may as well have a little pride in what you do. Blow Bros represent with their amazing slogan, “We’re #1 in the #2 Business!”



When Maryland’s Cheryl’s Chalets changed their name to “Gotugo” they sent out branded toilet paper to their customers. Gottogiveittothem, that’s pretty clever.

Ker Plunk


More than any other portable toilet company, Ker Plunk’s name creates a truly visual sense of what it means to drop the kids off at the pool.

Yesterday’s Meals on Wheels

meals on wheels

And to end this latrine laugh fest, we present one of the most inspired, and foul, company catchphrases of all time. In Oregon, a business that sucks the crap out of portable toilets has the following on their trucks: “Yesterday’s Meals On Wheels.” Tasty or tasteless? You decide.