Ten Hilarious Fake Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

Twitter is full of people posing as brands, celebrities and fictional characters, but only a select handful do it well enough (and in some cases, better than the real deal) to stick around. We’ve put together a list of our top 10 favorite faux-Tweeters to keep you both laughing and in the know. Enjoy!



Last year’s oil spill in the gulf of Mexico did bring us one good thing: This Twitter account written by a handful of comedians from Los Angeles’ Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Designed to sound like the overly positive and generally blinded sound bites provided by any public relations group on behalf of their shady clients, these guys keep us laughing while fighting for a good cause—They’re collecting donations and selling t-shirts to help with gulf relief.

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Why play by the real rules when the fake ones are so much more hilarious? Give your 8th grade English teacher the middle finger once and for all by following this feed full of tips and tricks that’ll make the grammar Nazis in your life unfollow you more fastly than if you used words like “fastly” all the time.

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This Twitter feed was a one-time bit that’s kind of pointless to follow now, but is definitely worth a look back on. In 69 tweets, this fake Ferris runs through the entire plot of the 80s classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as if the “real” Ferris was live Tweeting his crazy sick day. The only thing that could improve upon this idea? @ replies to a fake Cameron, Sloan and Abe Froman. Fuck, we would kill for a sausage right now.

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Remember just a couple of years ago when we had constant access to a string of nonsensical and embarrassing comments from our nation’s leader? Following this faux-GWB brings us back to that tender time known as the first eight years of the new millennium with just the click of a mouse. What a wonderful time we live in.

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OK, so nothing’s going to be as good as the “real” Kenny Powers on East Bound and Down, but if you’re looking for some cuss-laden updates during the off-season, this is about as close as you’re going to get.

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If you’re not following The Big Guy on Twitter, then you’re probably not following at all. His bio reads, “Thou shalt not follow any gods before Me, nor RT Me in vain,” and he’s constantly @ replying celebrities trying to get them to read his scripts (we’re pretty sure that those aren’t supposed to be funny, though.) Scrolling through a couple pages of His Tweets won’t get your sins forgiven, but it probably can’t hurt.

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God knows where the real deal Nick Nolte is and if he even has any idea that Twitter exists, but we kind of hope he never does. While there’s no doubt that he’d bring the crazy, we’re not sure he can string together LOL-worthy lines the way his imposter does.

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Don’t worry if you’re clueless about fashion, we have a feeling that whoever writes the flamboyant fake Tweets of German-born designer Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t either. If you’re looking for an occasional blast of internationally flavored whimsy to break up the monotony of your Twitter feed (we know you’re only following hot girls, porn stars and sports talk radio hosts, guys), Fake Karl may be exactly what you need. Plus, you can confidently tell chicks that you actually know who he is. Points!

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Ever want to get as close to Kim Jong-Il as possible without having to step foot in North Korea? Well, this is the best we can do for you. Except something tells us that whoever is running this account is a lot funnier than the man himself.

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Family Guy has replaced the now predictable and kind of “blah” Simpsons as our favorite animated series on the TV box, so this Twitter feed full of quotes from our favorite character keeps us laughing all day. The lines are still hilarious in Twitter form and much better than when they’re regurgitated by the acne ridden greeting card stocker at our local Walgreens (I’m talking about you, Corey.)

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