Ten Celebs You Probably Don’t (But Should) Follow on Twitter

With an estimated 50 million plus unique visitors per month, Twitter is one of the biggest social networks on the internet. With that much activity, deciding who to spend your valuable time following can be confusing. To make your search a bit easier, we put together this list of 10 celebrities who you should follow on Twitter. You’re welcome.

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley


Example Tweet: goo goo goo goo goo…..guys just LOVE you talk talk that way girls…..STOP TALKING BABY TALK LA BIMBOS…….unless its to dogs

We’ve been following Kirstie Alley since she first joined Twitter and we keep her around because she’s our favorite yo-yo dieting, possibly insane older lady. She’s like your Aunt Kirstie that would come over to hang out with your mom while you would throw basement parties as a teenager. Just as things are going smoothly, she pops her head in the door of your proverbial party and says something that both embarrasses you and reminds you that people like her exist. She’s kind of powerful, actually.

Dirt Nasty

Dirt Nasty


Example Tweet: Just was introduced to a girl. I said “nice to meet you”, she replied “you fucked me years ago!”…I said “I know. It was nice to meat you”

Actor Simon Rex Tweets exclusively as his alterego, rapper Dirt Nasty and anyone who has ever heard “1980” knows Dirt loves to party.

His updates are usually raunchy and almost always offensive (we had to look long and hard to find a Tweet where he didn’t use the word dick… haha. Long and hard. Get it?), but if you’ve got a similarly wicked sense of humor, this is your guy.




Example Tweet: my hospitality rider is such a trainwreck i always wake up with a belly full of almonds and champaign in a cave somewhere after a gig

Mad Decent founder/producer Diplo travels all over the world throwing parties and it feels like he Tweets just about every moment of it. It’s not uncommon to be starting your workday and read that Diplo and his crew are setting it off in some club in Tokyo.

Lil’ Jon

Lil Jon



The best reason to follow Lil John is because on occasion, you may find yourself as “crunk” as he is, and during those moments, you will never have a better friend. No, you may not appreciate his all-caps style first thing in the morning, but once the sun goes down and bottles start poppin’, you’ll get on his level. The secret to fully enjoying his updates is to read them in your head in his voice.

Hipster Runoff



Example Tweet: ‘I’m everything I am, bc u <3ed me.” -the Celine Dions on the Titanic

Carles, the personal brand-obsessed, buzz band hyping, “mad deep” question-asking, blogger behind HipsterRunoff may not be a celebrity, but everyone who has a half a clue follows him on the TweetBox. He usually posts a couple Tweets a day that are just links back to his blog, but the majority of his posts are bite-sized versions of his hilarious musings.


Ice T


Example Tweet: Just got back from grocery shopping 4 a month $400.. (Pause) That’s how much they want for a $30 bottle of Vodka in a club..That ain’t fly.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Twitter, it’s that Ice-T is has not gotten any less intense with age. About half of his Tweets make us laugh and the rest are either puzzling or unsettling. And hey, a little bit of that is good for you.

Rob Delaney

Rob Delaney


Example Tweet: It may be Monday, but at least your name isn’t Carl Faggotlaser.

No one else we follow makes us laugh harder or more consistently than comedian Rob Delaney. He averages about four Tweets a day which is frequent enough to have a presence, but not so much that you’re annoyed by him. What we’re trying to say is that he’s a model Twitterer.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa


Example Tweet: maan this fool @realtaylorgang just said “ayo! wut channel is tv”

Wiz Khalifa is our favorite rapper to come up maybe since Nicki Minaj, and it might be because he reminds us of our stoned little brother. Day or night, the only thing Wiz ever wants to share with his 497,000 followers is that he’s blazed, about to get blazed or doing something that implies that he’s blazed. Just because we do the whole “adult” thing now (most of the time), doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make our day to know that someone else is out there living the highest life.

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles


Example Tweet: CUTEST THING EVER: “Mom, can you play the banana apple bum song”….”Hunh”?….”You know “Bananaapplebum, I said you GOTTA put me on”

For someone who is the little sister of Beyoncé and sister-in-law of Jay-Z, Solange Knowles sure does come off like a regular kinda-sorta hipster mom on her Twitter feed. Most of her Tweets are about her day-to-day life, but what’s fascinating is how unreserved she is compared to her older sister. It’s like experiencing the rush we got back in the day when we discovered that Ashlee Simpson was a little bit wild every single day.

Steve Martin

Steve Martin


Example Tweet: My appearance on Letterman show will now be this Friday, not Thursday, FYI (I abbreviated “for your information” to save space).

One of the funniest guys of all time is new to Twitter, so show some respect by giving him a follow. His humor doesn’t always translate to 140 characters or less, but we can’t stomach living in a world where Spencer Pratt has three times the audience as Steve Martin.

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