Television Documentary Cures Wheelchair Bound Man


Hey kids, do your parents constantly chastise you for watching too much television? If so, this news story should shut them right up. As for explaining why you’re frequenting a site owned by Playboy, well, you’re on your own there.

Anyway, here’s the scoop. A UK man named Brian Holman developed what he thought was a blister on his ankle while on vacation (or “holiday” as those crazy Brits call it) in Turkey. Unfortunately, the “blister” quickly grew into a full on flesh eating virus. Several doctors tried and failed to cure the mysterious disease and, eventually, Holman was facing the prospect of having his leg amputated to stop the virus from spreading to other parts of his body. But Holman wisely refused that aggressive approach and opted to take morphine to keep the pain at bay while holding out hope that someone could figure out what the problem was before he was left with an unsightly stump where his leg used to be.

Enter the magic of television. During an otherwise normal albeit wheelchair bound day, Holman was watching a Discovery Channel documentary that featured a woman who suffered from symptoms that were strikingly similar to what he was going through. The cause of her malady turned out to be a bite from a Brown Recluse spider (a cliffhanger we probably spoiled by way of the huge picture of a spider at the top of this article).

He mentioned the documentary and the similarities to his physician who referred him to Pauline Edney at Fareham College’s Community Leg Care Centre. Sure enough, Edney confirmed that Holman was indeed the victim of a poisonous spider bite. After several sessions of cleansing and treating the ever growing wound, it finally started to shrink and eventually closed altogether. He still has nerve damage as a result of the spider bite, but more importantly, he also still has his leg.

Way to save the day, television!