SWING Shift: Get Ready for More Couple Swapping On Playboy TV

THEY ALWAYS SAY it’s good to “think outside the box.” So why not apply that philosophy when hooking up between the sheets? Playboy TV sure seems to have the right idea. In fact, they’ve built a whole reality show around that concept and it’s A LOT more entertaining than watching Steven Tyler doze off in a judge’s chair (more on the whole Idol connection later).

Swing, in case you’ve been out of the couple-swapping loop, is now in its second season on the bunny network and it’s built quite an impressive following. Of course, how could watching attractive couples get naked and mingle with other partners not build up an impressive following?

What sets Swing apart is the gritty realism, the tender emotions, and the giant orgies at the end of every episode. Say what?!!! No spoilers here, but there is a certain “red room” with a bed built for twelve! Above all though, Swing is an adventure and a chance for regular couples to explore their relationships (with the help of ten horny strangers). And when it’s all done, they’ll get to hash out their experiences with a gorgeous sexologist.

Sound like fun? Well you can actually watch the season premiere in its entirety on PlayboyTV.com (for FREE no less). And while you’re at it, make sure to check out the L.A. Swing mansion. It made quite a few headlines in recent weeks thanks to some other famous houseguests.

New episodes of Swing air Saturdays at 10pm E/P on Playboy TV!