Viral Outbreak: A Strong Argument for Using Public Transportation

With gas prices once again reaching astronomically high levels, maybe it’s time to start thinking about utilizing public transportation for your daily commute. Sure, standing in the cold waiting for your bus or train is awful in the winter, and there’s always the chance that you’ll fall asleep and be visited by a rat while unhelpful onlookers capture the moment on their camera phone, but not everything that happens on the subway is awful.

Take this video, for example. While this has yet to happen to any of us on our way to or from the office, the fact that this video exists proves that, no matter how slight, the possibility still exists that it may happen to you.

On a related note, what kind of tips do you think this lady makes? The subway doesn’t seem like the most profitable location for an operation like this, but we’d definitely be inclined to toss her a dollar over one of those obnoxious acoustic guitar wielding troubadours who litter most train stations.