Eight Lady Bloggers We’d Like to “Blog”

bloggersWe’ve read the entire Internet like, four times, so you can trust us when we say that we’re more than qualified to compile a list of eight of the hottest, coolest and funniest ladies out there… and we’ve done just that.

Here are eight ladies whose blogs we’d like to “blog” (get it?)…

Marissa A. Ross

marissa ross

Best known for her rants and rambles about everything from the chain emails her dad sends her to the unfortunate stench of rubber left behind after safe sex has been had, Marissa’s blog Tangents & The Times is a national treasure that should be celebrated by all. Or, at the very least, browsed bi-weekly while stoned. Plus, she’s got a cute dog, and normally we’re not even in to other people’s dogs.

Treacle Tart


Do you like lingerie? Or rather, do you like looking at photos of women in lingerie? TheLingerieAddict aka Treacle Tart is a self-described “20-something woman with an insane knickers habit.” Not only is the site filled with smokin’ pics of all breeds of babe, but Treacle is up on all the dope lingerie sales. Valentine’s Day is coming up, guys. Be aware.

Almie Rose


If you’re even remotely prepared to handle a hot, cool chick who manages to fashionably spill her guts while simultaneously telling everyone (but specifically the male population) exactly what she thinks is wrong with them, then roll on over to Apocalypstick. Especially worth checking out are her tips for getting over a break-up and a recent tale of how she failed to score with an actor.

Alexi Wasser


Alexi makes no bones (haha, bones) about the fact that she’s pretty obsessed with the idea of finding “the one” and going through all the guys she needs to find him. Her “For Dudes Only” lists are worth a read and you might enjoy some of the oddly fascinating videos she made to promote ImBoyCrazy.com back in the day. Showtime liked her shtick so much that earlier this year, they greenlit a show about it.



If you’re looking for a quick summary of Caragh’s humor, you won’t have to go much further than her URL: whydoihaveablog.net. While always funny (she actually makes us snort), usually silly and occasionally quite deep, our favorite blogger couldn’t be more modest about her crazy skills. And she’s 420-friendly. We wouldn’t just “do” this chick, we’d try to put a ring on it ASAP.



This New York blogger, business lady and radio host greets her readers on the front page of her blog with this note: “Hi. I’m Frangry. I’ve been making bitches pay since 1979. And you love me.” We’ll admit it, we both love and fear her. For all of her hip-hop and Kate Moss love and cold-hearted ranting, and because we’re afraid she’ll pop a knee in our faces without thinking twice.



This tattooed-covered, Minnie Mouse-obsessed Canadian spends her days working as a piercer in a tattoo shop and filling up her Tumblr with plenty of things to keep you busy while you’re supposed to be doing work. Carly also keeps us updated on the progress of her ever-growing tat collection. She recently had the spread-winged owl that takes up the majority of her collarbone filled in. We love this chick.

Lesley Arfin for Thought Catalog


We were a fan of Lesley’s back when she was editing the girl mag Missbehave, so we’re really pumped she’s writing for one of our favorite new blogs, Thought Catalog. Her four-part piece on all the boyfriends she’s ever had in chronological order is a must-read, and you’ll probably also dig the story about the time she convinced her friend she was a ghost.