Sexiest, Sloppiest and Funniest Viral Moments from the 2010 World Cup

Spain and the Netherlands are ready to duel for the championship and in celebration, this week’s Weird Wide Web is dedicated to the viral videos making this World Cup even more memorable.

World Cup 2010 Sexy Babes

That K’nann song they’ve been playing all World Cup. Mud. Soccer. Babes. Babes. This may be the greatest music video of all time. It’s certainly the greatest music video in World Cup history and a huge improvement from that Ricky Martin jam that was the last big American pop song to infest a World Cup.


Gandalf Goes to the World Cup

Probably our favorite video to come out of the World Cup. Vuvuzela’s playing the music of Middle Earth is adorable and awesome. Someone put way to much effort into this and for that we raise our vuvuzelas in adoration.



There aren’t many details on where this video originated, but our scholars debated heavily as to whether or not FIFA was actually associated with the production. Regardless, these girls are wearing soccer uniforms that consist purely of body paint and they’re involved in quite the soccer game.

North Korea Funny Football Training Exercise At The World Cup 2010

We have no doubt Kim Jong Il designed this exercise himself. We’re including it to raise the Adam Sandler quotient of this week’s Weird Wide Web.

Dutch Radio 1 World Cup commercial

We assume no dogs were harmed in the making of this ad, but it’s from the Netherlands so we can’t be sure.

The World’s Reaction to Landon Donovan’s Game Winning Goal

If ever there was a reason to use the music from Rudy in your compilation video it’s here. Maybe this is a bit ethnocentric, but this was arguably the best and most timely goal of the Cup (thus far).

Hilarious World Cup Dive

Italy’s Daniele De Rossi took the dive of the century here. Fifty years from now, if there’s any justice, this dive will eclipse this man’s entire career.

Will It Blend? – Vuvuzela World Cup 2010

The folks at Will It Blend have used their blenders to grind up everything from iPhones to Facebook. Now they turn their attention to the destruction of the villian of this year’s World Cup.

World Cup Fever – Dive

This sketch comedy troupe did a horrid job with their self-sung theme song, but other than that this video provides an important look into the most technically challenging move in professional soccer: The Dive.

Gummibär – Go For The Goal – World Cup Soccer Song English Funny Gummy Bear USA United States

This is quite probably the worst thing to have ever existed (at least since this), but fans of…err…altered consciousness might find it to be the highlight of the Cup.