Seven Hilarious Nicki Minaj YouTube Impersonations

Nicki MinajEvery few years, a song comes along that just seems to strike a chord with everyone who hears it. Remember when you caught your grandmother lip syncing the words to “Hey Ya” in the mirror a few years back? Pretty awkward stuff, but hey, people loved that damn song, it’s no surprise granny would be caught up in the madness.

Surprisingly, the song of the hour right now seems to be “Monster” by Kanye West. But more specifically, it’s the verse by Nicki Minaj from that song that has gotten under people’s skin. Naturally, this has led to an influx of YouTube superstars firing up the webcam and recording their own version of the famous verse.

Here are seven of the most hilarious attempts to lip sync Nicki Minaj’s verse from “Monster” currently making the rounds on YouTube.


Where to begin? The mangled Orphan Annie wig, the ladies’ double-breasted GAP button down or the head tilt into the crook of his hand at :37? I suppose the best place to start with this Flavor of Love reject is the end. While less committed Kens (what Nicki calls her male fans) would have quit the bit to turn off their webcam, homeboy keeps that neck snapping until the very end. In fact, he could still be in front of his computer right now popping and locking his dome for all eternity. That’s how I like to imagine him. Plus, he gets points for creative prop usage.


This video is audaciously titled “BEST MONSTER VERSE,” but I think that this guy is missing the point. What the homie jamesbarrett25 doesn’t realize is that covering the “Monster” verse is like doing a proper sit up. You have to do it at a slow enough pace that you remain in control and feel the burn. Rushing through it is almost as bad as not doing it at all. Sorry, I’ve been on a health kick lately. Point is, this bro didn’t slow down enough to capture the nuances that make this verse so deadly. NEXT!


I want this guy on the top of the list just for his YouTube notations alone. He doesn’t exactly know all of the words toward the end, but the added note, “bitches quit hating I did this verse the first day I heard it and recorded it on the first try I know it now I just don’t want to re-upload it!!!”, makes him my king.

One of the only things I give a fuck about is people who don’t give a fuck.


Lil Barb alert! Maybe it’s the empty uterus rotting inside of me talking, but you know I love the little girl with the nerd glasses on lip syncing one of the baddest verses I’ve ever heard in my life in front of a fan. Sure there’s something slightly disturbing about seeing a tween saying, “pink wig, thick ass, give ‘em whiplash,” but she displays some real showmanship when she gets to the, “and I’m all up, all up, all up in the bank with the funny face,” part.


Danny has a serious edge here because he’s technically a professional. Professional in the sense that he came in like, fourth on American Idol a few years back. Unlike most of these cats, Danny is actually rapping along to the instrumental, which is slightly impressive, but I’m not sure if I get the Lisa Left-Eye Lopez tribute outfit he’s wearing. Beside, if you check out Danny’s YouTube channel, you’ll see that he’s been covering Nicki’s verses for ages and this is far from his best work. I was much more impressed by “Bottoms Up”


Oh, look. It’s our friend jamesbarrett25 again. The one with the speedy mouth. For his second try at the “Monster” verse, he manages to slow down enough, but like… no. Just no. Step away from the MacBook.


First of all, I’m pretty sure that this dude sold me a pair of shoes at the mall last week. Secondly, the production value on this is insane. This is like the Moulin Rouge of YouTube lipdub videos. I mean, when he pulls the Barbie dolls out at :46? That’s genius. But baby girl is relying too much on editing and props here, because I’m pretty sure s/he doesn’t know all the words. Sadface.