Seven Terrifying and Supposedly Real Exorcism Videos

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Nothing makes for a good horror film that will scare the bejesus out of you like an exorcism. The pea soup spewing Linda Blair set the standard in The Exorcist, and now Anthony Hopkins is about to explore similar spiritual territory in the spooky new film The Rite. The movie focuses on a priest from the USA going to Italy to learn how to properly exorcise demons and is “inspired by a true story.”

While a movie exorcism can be creepy, we wanted to see what was out there online that actually showed the real thing. Are these seven videos of real exorcisms, or are they just elaborate internet video hoaxes? Check them out and decide for yourself.

The Sixth Region of Hell

In this clip, first a demon tries to choke its human host to death, and then another devil from the “sixth region of hell” tries to attack an exorcist by going through the window. It’s creepy stuff, but it’s awfully disappointing to know that a simple set of window bars is all you need to ward off a demon. Why didn’t it just use the door or something?

Pastor Bob

Pastor Bob Larson calls himself The Real Exorcist and claims to have performed more than 10,000 of the rituals. In these clips, you will witness some very unhappy demons and devils being cast out of their human bodies. Pastor Bob says his goal is to put a public face on exorcism. If he’s done 10,000 of these things, why not just start a Facebook page or something? That’s a pretty decent following.

The Chair

In this video, a priest first shows you how he straps the possessed down before an exorcism begins and how the tortured souls can break steel to get out of their shackles. Then he and his crew strap in a girl who needs spiritual cleansing and the fireworks begin. But honestly, we’d scream like a stuck pig too if someone strapped us into a chair against our will. That’s how most brutal interrogations start, you know?

Exorcism: Russia Style

According to this Russian TV news report, “People oppressed by demonic forces go to Father Vasiliy’s church.” And what happens at this church? One parishioner says she hears inhuman screams that sound like they are coming from dogs and other animals. We’ll pause here while you insert the Michael Vick joke of your choosing.

That was fun! Now on to the video.


At the start of the exorcism of Gina, profiled on the TV show 20/20, she actually looks like she’s about to bust out laughing. That doesn’t last too long. But nobody ever accused Barbara Walters of fucking around.

A Mild-Mannered Exorcist

At first, the devil does not seem to be very intimidated by this rather mild-mannered exorcist. That’s understandable, seeing as how the guy is about 500 years old. But clearly, age equals experience in the exorcism game, because this guy appears to be extremely good at what he does. How else to explain the fact that this woman (or demon?) goes from calm to completely terrified in the span of about six seconds?

Just Dance!

Apparently, when all else fails, the best course of action is to dance those demons right out of your soul.