Smoking Motivation: Scarface Edition

The mock-motivational poster craze has been shockingly devoid of examples dedicated to this generation’s Tom Sawyer, a fictional character who’s become a folk hero. Of course we’re talking about Tony Montana: Self-made man, cocaine-fueled menace to society, and title character of Brian DePalma’s 1983 classic Scarface. Among the DVD extras is a 20-minute featurette detailing the massive influence the movie has had on today’s culture, the hip-hop lifestyle in particular. We’re more than happy to add fuel to that fire with these Montana-inspired motivational posters that are sure to get you off your ass and onto the nearest mountain top to shout “FUCK YOU, MAN! WHO PUT THIS THING TOGETHER? ME, THAT’S WHO!”

Or, you can just pass them along to your friends as mindless amusement. Whichever.