Satan and His Giblets to Rock Oklahoma City

Freedom of speech is a tricky thing. Sure, it provides freedom for all sorts of law-abiding citizens to have their voices heard in a manner that would be impossible in other countries, but it also requires that people sometimes stick up for less savory types. Like Satan, for example!

Oklahoma City is up against that very problem as we speak. You see, a group called The Church of the Four Majesties petitioned for the right to hold a gathering at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. Awesomely, their request was granted for freedom of speech reasons. So what happens next? Well, if the guy wearing the hilarious mask in this video is to be believed, Satan will be coming out of the ground in Oklahoma City on October 21. Even worse, his giblets will be attached.

Ummm, what?

Oh! Pay special attention around the 0:27 mark for an up close shot of the masked man’s awful mustache. Leave it to a ginger to be a damn Satan lover.