Wednesday Wasabi: Saori Hara of ‘Sex and Zen in 3D’

Saori Hara
Another legitimate news story featuring a Japanese adult actress — as you may recall last week we saw the New York Times getting all lathered up over Rin Sakuragi and Erika Kirihara. Now it’s London’s The Independent, telling us “China gets hot under the collar over world’s first 3D porn film.”

“First 3D porn film”? Not sure about that. Here’s an article that brings up a few other candidates. Although it’s not (ahem) airtight — several sources cite Marc Dorcel’s Kama-Sutra starring Brigitte Lahaie and released last year. Um, Brigitte Lahaie’s heyday was late-’70s/early-’80s.


But we were saying — the new Sex and Zen (the original came out 20 years ago). We’re betting it’s not exactly a porno, more like “erotica.” One of its stars is indeed a pornista, though — Ms. Saori Hara. Like most JAV (Japanese adult video) actresses she is very cute. And here’s something interesting: She wrote a book called My Real Name Is Mai Kato: Why I Became an AV Actress and made a film called Female Ninja Spy. That’s in addition to the standard stuff like 108 School Girls Annihilation and Let Her Go Into Men’s Spa With Only A Towel.