Watchmen Nerds Rejoice! You Can Now Make Your Own Moving Rorschach Mask!

Great news for fans of the graphic novel and obnoxiously long Hollywood film Watchmen! No longer do you have to live in a world that involves you not owning a rad Rorschach mask like the one worn by Jackie Earle Haley in the movie. The above video shows you how to make a creepy as shit reproduction of the famous mask using Thermachromic paint and a wife beater undershirt.

The best part…once you put the mask on, the heat generated from your breathing causes the paint blotches to move, just like the real thing. You know, if the real thing actually was a real thing, which it’s not. While we lack the necessary geek genes that would compel us to want to try it ourselves, we must admit, it looks pretty damn cool.

(via Buzzfeed)