Viral Outbreak: The Honey Badger Don’t Care!


You would never guess it due to its pansy sounding name, but the honey badger is often referred to as “the most fearless animal in the world.” With a reputation like that, you better live up to the hype once the cameras start rolling. And don’t get us wrong, when we first saw this amazing animal in action, we had no complaints about the badger holding up its end of the badass bargain. There was still something missing, though. We just couldn’t put our finger on what this display of jungle cat chasing and snake eating was lacking.

As it turns out, the missing touch was some sassy voice over work. Fortunately, some guy named Randall took this footage and added all of the necessary touches to make the badger’s exploits really pop. Now, the honey badger isn’t just the most fearless animal in the world, it’s also the most FIERCE!

Check out the video below to see what we mean…