Rajon Rondo vs. The New Orleans Saints


So your team is thinking about trading you because they don’t want to build around you. So what do you do? Go out and dominate Jeremy Lin and get all historic on national TV.

Rondo put up a triple-double, and it wasn’t the Ricky Davis kind. It was the, ‘Hey, he might actually go 20-20-20’ kind that had Magic Johnson raving about him after the game. Rondo grabbed a career-high 17 boards, added 20 assists, and most impressively put up 18 points, a remarkable feat for a guy who can’t shoot a basketball.

After the game the general mood about the Celtics changed from them having no chance this year to them having the possibility of having some chance this year. And it’s all basically do to Rondo. Plus he managed to quiet Linsanity, which might be his most important contribution.

Granted, Rondo probably ended up hurting not only his own chances at winning a championship, but the Celtics as well since there’s really no way in the world the Celtics will win this year or for the foreseeable future. Although maybe on whatever planet Rondo is from they still have a chance.

So now he’ll probably stay with a franchise going nowhere but the Country Kitchen Buffet.

But hey, it was a good game Rondo.



Football is a violent game. I mean, the whole point of defense is to hit a guy so hard he falls into the ground and maybe even loses the football. So rewarding players for hitting other dudes is seemingly a good idea.

But there’s a fine line between crushing a receiver and intentionally hurting a guy. Sort of.

If you are the NFL who is facing a kind of a big problem with the whole getting sued by a bunch of ex-players with debilitating long-term injury thing, a team running a bounty scheme seems like relatively poor timing.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that stuff like this goes on. People’s faces get stomped on relatively indiscreetly. The problem is it came out, with the NFL identifying between 22-27 players involved.

How is this not worse then the steroids in baseball thing? With steroids, you only harm yourself. You don’t try to hurt anyone else other than people sitting 15 rows back over the outfield fence with a baseball you hit. It’s one of the lowest on-field moments of recent sports.

Granted, it first came to attention when it appeared the Saints were intentionally trying to injure Brett Favre during the playoffs, so there was some upside to it.

Joking aside, any sort of positive association people had with the Saints in the aftermath of Katrina is probably gone. You can’t even pretend to think Drew Brees’ birthmark is ‘cute’ anymore. And deservingly too. It’s hard to remember that football is a game for entertainment, although one that gets people super rich and is one of the main focuses of much of America. But intentionally hurting dudes for money is what the mafia does.

But the Saints, being masters of PR, went out and did pretty much the only thing that could get people distracted from their scandal: Talk about signing noted model citizen Randy Moss.

And the Colts putting a bounty on Peyton Manning’s job didn’t hurt either.


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