Viral Outbreak: Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off His Stage

If there’s one thing Prince isn’t intimidated by, it’s a beautiful woman. Despite being just a little over three feet tall and rocking the kind wardrobe normally only reserved for people like our flamboyant alcoholic aunt, the man has bedded an insane amount of incredibly beautiful women. So when he asks a sexy chick to dance, he expects her to do just that. Kim Kardashian learned this the hard way during his sold-out show at Madison Square Garden on Monday night.

After inviting the most famous and, arguably, most attractive Kardashian sister (Kourtney comes in at a very close second, at least) on stage, he immediately tells her to “get off the stage” when she refuses to dance. He follows it up, awesomely, by adding “welcome to America.” We don’t fully understand why he added that last part. “Welcome to New York” might have been more appropriate. But who cares, that shit was hilarious!

With all that said, none of this is as scandalous as it seems. He invited the scorned Kardashian back on stage during the show’s finale and, in full accordance with Prince’s guidelines for on-stage activity, she indeed got her dance on. For her part, she defended her lack of moves the first time around on her Twitter page…


It’s hard to fault her for that. This is Prince we’re talking about. The man is a legend.

(via PerezHilton)