Press Play: Io Echo, “Outsiders”

LA duo IO ECHO recently released a new video for their tune, “Outsiders,” from their debut EP, and the vid,  directed by Niko the Ikon, showcases frontwoman and harpist, Ioanna Gika.

This video is like some clip out of a David Lynch phenom. Gika is all kitteny when she plucks her we-thought-it-was-a-dulcimer-but-it’s-actually-a-Koto harp, there are some wheelchairs rolling around a conference center, or an airport. Gika’s voice is ethereal. And somehow it all works. It’s a good way to spend some of your day.


IO ECHO will release their debut album in early 2013 on IAMSOUND. Check them live this January as they open for Bloc Party.