Press Play: Daft Punk – “Aerodynamic” on 8 Floppy Drives

What are you going to do with that old floppy disk your grandpa left you in his will, you ask?

Easy. You turn your bequeathed junk into art of the visual or tuneage variety.

Of the visual variety: Check out Nick Gentry’s Floppy Disk Art 


Okay, so maybe you can’t make that. But you can make yourself useful and buy that shit up, ya?

If you’re more of a sounds man, this shit is so awesome it’ll blow your hard drives out. Like ish. If that’s like a thing, blowing your hard drives out.

How do you get eight floppy drives to make music? What’s happening here? Does it matter? It’s just good.

Press Play.

Daft Punk – “Aerodynamic” on 8 floppy drives

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