Playboy Radio Show… and Tell

Thursday 9/20/12


Today we had a chance to find out who was the most sexually technologically sex savvy between AndreaGina and Elise. Taking aSexual Aptitude Test Gina scored the highest!

A new sexy form of art has come our way! We spoke with the South- African founder Jeremy Brown about his LOVE IS ART KIT.  Brown has been making paintings during intimacy for over a decade, inspired by the 1960′s French artist Yves Klein and various performance art pieces by Andy Warhol.  Jeremy spent six months developing materials to ensure a safe project, including a treated non-allergenic cotton canvas, as well as, a specially-formulated non-toxic, washable paint.  He packaged the kit under the name Love Is Art.  According to Brown, ”Art takes patience, dedication, practice, creativity, open mind, and an open heart…so does love.  Love is art.”

We sent our new RadioMate Jillisa Lynn on her first task this morning to the Apple store! Jillisa’s mission was to check out the store lines atApple and flirt her way to the front to get the new iPhone 5! She made it to the front of the line with her sexy sweet talking and big booty swag.

The Power Hour:

We kicked things off with our nudity expert Mr. Skin, who gave us the latest in celebrity nudity. His favorite women of the week include Emmy nominees Claire Danes, Zooey Deschanel and Sofia Vergara! We also talked to beautiful Polish native and supermodel, Joanna Krupa, who is featured in this season of The Real Housewives of Miami. Voted as the “Sexiest Swimsuit model in the World,” Joanna talked about splitting her time between Los Angeles and Miami, and her four in a half-year long engagement.  She also admitted that the rumors about her ex Dean Cain are true – he’s “well-endowed.” You can watch Joanna Thursdays at 9/8C on Bravo TV. As we got into another round of The Sex Factor, two beautiful Playmates Anna Sophia Berglund and Hiromi Oshima joined us to help judge our three contestants and their sexy talents. Lauren, Ann and Jamie each performed their sexiest talents consisting of:  topless panty juggling, topless hula hooping and flexible sex positions. Our judges gave the winning title to Playboy model, Lauren Volker!

Wednesday 9/19/12


We began the show this morning with Feastiality!  A 12 ounce cut of real Japanese Kobe beef is now available in the U.S. for $350 bucks! Marc Sherry, co-owner of the Old Homestead steakhouse in the Meatpacking District, said many customers have already paid the hefty sum. WOW

We spoke with Jeff Wulkan, the Hugh Hefner of hair and owner of – ‘Bikini Barbers’ in Long Branch NJ. Also joining him on the phone was hair stylist Natalie, who told us 85% of clients are men. Young women in hot bikinis must be the trick!

Playboy AdvisorChip Rowe joined us for another great advice segment. Chip discussed the proper “tip” amounts you should pay to a car valet and gave advice to men who want and had a vasectomy. After we hung up with Chip, we had  Hallie and Christina also known as The Beer Chicks drop by the studio.  The girls came to share their knowledge about the different styles and flavors of beer. You can catch new episodes of their show Thursdays on YouTube.

The Power Hour:

We kicked off today’s Power Hour by talking with multi-platinum musician, producer and author, Wyclef Jean! Wyclef gave us hisPlayboy confession, which was hiding Playboy magazine’s behind his toilet in the 8th grade. Not only does he have one of the fastest cars in the world (a McLaren F1 super-car!), he has a new memoir that includes stories of his childhood growing up in Haiti and, for the first time, the inside story of The Fugees. It’s called PURPOSE: AN IMMIGRANT’S STORY. If you’re a fan, pick up a copy – it’s on sale now. Also, Andrea gave her sexy topless Lowell Down. Today’s out-of-the-ordinary stories included a new popcorn feeding device called thePopinator, and Movie Theatre Ninjas in London who’ve been hired to enforce better cinema etiquette! Last but certainly not least, blonde and beautiful Playboy model Carrie Lynn returned to the Mini Mansion – in her teeny tiny daisy dukes – for some topless trampoline fun! Carrie said her double-D boobs were too heavy to jump, but she did it anyway, to everyone’s delight!

Tuesday 9/18/12

This morning we started off the show talking about Shower Pooling. A popular male-marketed body product, AXE, has suggested shower pooling to save water. Daily water usage in a standard family home is 69.3 gallons, with showers accounting for 16.8 percent of total indoor water use.  As AXE suggests, shower pooling with a significant other is not just environmentally friendly, but all kinds of friendly and an enjoyable part of a sustainable sex life.

It’s official, you can now get us ON DEMAND! Listen via iPhone, iPad, computer, Android etc. There will be a free 30-day trial for non-subscribers! 

If you’re into antique firearms and military history, the National Geographic Channel is launching a new TV series about a father and son business, International Military Antiques that specializes in antique and historical arms. We spoke to Alex Cranmer about Nat Geo’s new show, “Family Guns”, and their most valuable items. The firearm collection ranges from over four centuries of military history! Family Guns airs Wednesday Nights at 10:00 pm on the Nat Geo Channel.

Scott Alexander checked in to give us the latest on all Games & Gadgets! After, Kevin and Andrea dove into the September issue ofPlayboy with CAN WE GET TO 10!!!

The Power Hour:

Today in the Mini Mansion we got to hang with the man voted The Funniest Person on TwitterRob Delaney! You should follow him. Clearly! Rob was challenged to a Playboy’s Top Tweets-vs.-Top Teats– a Tweet-off with our two lovely topless models, Alyssa and Hazel! From ‘replacement referees’ to ‘Saddam Hussein’s porno,’ our guests were given four different topics during their Tweet-off. So, how did the Funniest Person on Twitter stack up to our “teats”? He may be funnier…but he’s not as fun to look at! Check out Rob’s new downloadable Comedy Special for only $5.00 on his

Monday 9/17/12

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This morning we spoke with our sexy model C.J. as we said boob-voyage to her natural breasts. C.J. officially had surgery this morning to ENHANCE her assets! We will be seeing her before and after photos very soon. Stay tuned!

We also spoke with Dr. Mark Henley, a plastic surgeon from the U.K. who has come up with the “try before you buy” boob job. Before women begin their breast surgery, Dr. Henley allows them to take the implants home in order to get used to how they will feel post surgery. Dr. Henley said most girls decide to go bigger in cup size than what they had originally planned due to this new “try before you buy” feature.

Good Naked/Bad Naked got everyone ready for a sexy Power Hour.Today’s Good Naked / Bad Naked verdicts: 3 good, 1 bad – society is getting better.

The Power Hour:

Today we welcomed our long-time friend Brody Stevens back to the Mini Mansion! Since Brody has always had a hard time with women, we set up a speed-dating spree with three of our most beautiful models –KayaKimberly and Michelle. The first round included a brief one-on-one introduction and interaction with Brody. Round two of the speed dating process turned into strip-dating, which consisted of the girls getting topless while they lured Brody into a deeper conversation and captivated his full attention! After both rounds were finished, our models filled out questionnaires, rating Brody’s dating skills. The general consensus? He’s a great guy! However, no second dates have been planned…yet. Don’t forget to check out Brody’s comedy, “Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!” on-demand on HBO digital.