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Playboy Radio NewThis week on The Playboy Morning Show, Playboy Playmate Miss January 2010 Jaime Faith Edmondson was our Special Guest Co-Host!  She told us that she loves a man with a big belly, and affectionately earned the moniker ”gut slut.” JAIME_EDMONDSON&KevinKlein


Jaime also talked about posing for Playboy’s Sole Mates feature, her first NUDE pictorial since becoming Playmate in January 2010! Here’s a sneak peek, WITH clothes…

Jaime was such a sport Tuesday morning to help in our Topless Slam Dunk contest. Special Edition Playboy Model Katie Carroll took home the glory of being our Topless Slam Dunk Champion with her winning dunk! Her dunk move: Katie had Jaime remove her bra, blow her nipples & spank her before jumping on the trampoline and slamming down her dunk! It probably didn’t hurt that Jaime took her move a step further & LICKED Katie’s nipple … TURN ON!!!

It was another great day with beautiful Playboy Playmate Jaime Faith Edmondson in the MiniMansion on Wednesday as Jaime got to witness first hand our weekly game of Know It or Show It. Hooters Bikini Contest winners Danielle & Afton came in studio to test their knowledge as we quizzed them on Football, Sequels & Sex Positions. The best part of the game was when Danielle had a slight wardrobe malfunction and lost her bikini top! Of course, Jaime stepped up to help by offering her hands to support Danielle’s gorgeous boobs!

Thursday morning, we welcomed back the SEXIEST woman in radio, Andrea Lowell!!! Andrea told us about all the nakedness that took place while she was doing a photoshoot in Chicago at Playboy Headquarters & about a blonde beauty Playmate who propositioned her for sex! TURN ON!!! Andrea

We ended our short week in the MiniMansion with G4’s Kevin Pereira, host of Attack of the Show and with a hot Bunny for Can a Bunny Make a Funny with comedian Steve Trevino.  Good thing our Bunny is beautiful!!!


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