Playboy Morning Show … And Tell

Playboy Radio NewWe kicked off the week by chatting with Professional Golfer, Model and Personal Trainer, Sophie Horn. To heck with Rory McIlroy and his record-breaking win – we wanted to talk US Open with ”The World’s Sexiest Golfer“! She told us about the time she snuck into the bushes on the 8th hole of a golf course and had sex – HOT! CLICK HERE to listen in on the naughtiness! You can check out Sophie’s gorgeous pics on her website.

Tuesday was the official start of SUMMER!! To celebrate, we invited our sexy summer sweethearts Brenda and Dani to join us in the Mini Mansion for a BRA-loon toss! The goal? To slingshot water balloons down the shirts of hot chicks. What did we learn? It’s nearly impossible, but who cares because we got to see boobs! CLICK HERE to hear how well our Water Braloon Toss went!

We kept our Wednesday tradition up with a round of Know It Or Show It with sexy Playboy Live Models Havoc and Jenny Rae! They lost a lot of clothing. The last round, however, was interrupted when Kevin made the ladies take off their panties, microwave them for 20 seconds, and put them back on. GENIUS! CLICK HERE to listen to Andrea Lowell Microwave her panties!

Also, we spoke with Special Editions model Marianela Valverde, from Playboy’s Sexy Summer Girls magazine. She lives in Costa Rica, and loves going naked to the beach. We love it when she goes naked, too.

Playboy’s Co-Ed of the Month Vivian Keys stopped by the Mini Mansion Thursday with her gorgeous UCLA friend Isabel! Vivian moved here from South Korea and she is a very horny Santa Monica Community College student. Oh but don’t tell her parents that she poses for Playboy, they don’t know! Its Vivian’s sexy secret! Shhhhh!

We also got a visit from Playmate of the Year 2008 Jayde Nicole Thursday morning. She joined us to talk about her Twitter smackdown with Holly Madison! Now THAT’S a catfight we’d pay to see! She also surprised a lucky listener with a Playmate Wake-Up call. Unfortunately, he didn’t answer…but he did get a sexy voicemail message. Not a bad day.

Funny Bunny Ashley Ilenfeld tried to make us laugh Friday morning when she tried (TRIED) to deliver her standup comedy routine after she was coached by a comedian. Good thing she is gorgeous!

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