Playboy Morning Show…and Tell

FotoFlexer_Photo_PBMSStampMissed out on all the sexiness of The Playboy Morning Show? Well, now you can get a weekly recap of what goes on behind studio doors right here on The Smoking Jacket. The Playboy Morning Show is heard weekday mornings on SiriusXM Channel 99 from 7am-10am PST. Here’s what happened this week in the MiniMansion …


Windell Middlebrooks, a.k.a. The Miller High Life Guy stopped by Monday! You know him, you love him. Especially the ladies! A woman once offered Windell an entire WEEK of sex! Check him out on the new ABC show “Body of Proof.” He’s a great guy – even though he didn’t bring us any beer.

JoKoy&ReccaDakin_Andrea&KevinFunny guy Jo Koy stopped by the Mini-Mansion. We found out that his mom is a radio DJ, that he bought veneers with his $58,000 tax refund, and that for the right price, he’d take on a gig as a male escort. Although that last one may have been a flirt tactic to impress our other guest, former high-class British escort Rebecca Dakin.

JoKoy&ReccaDakin_Andrea&Kevin2Rebecca is now an escort mentor and dating coach…with a hot accent. They joined Kevin and Andrea for a game of CrossTable RoundFire, weighing-in on important topics such as the royal wedding, rental tuxedos and underwear with pro-virginity messages on them. Click here to listen!

Nothing says happy 420 like celebrity stoners! Tommy Chong, Guillermo Diaz and Doug Benson joined us on the “POTline” to discuss all things weed. Tommy told us about the first time he got stoned - while listening to Lenny Bruce. Guillermo says there are no plans for a sequel to “Half-Baked” at the moment, and Doug – well, he was just high. And of course since it is Wednesday we had a Hooters Edition Know It or Show It … Check out our 420 highlights below!

Playboy Playmate, Miss May 2011 Sasha Bonilova checked in with us on the Hot Chick Hotline. Her accent and her beautiful boobs make her a very sexy bunny. She chatted with us about how she can feel when her boobs grow and about the sensation she gets when only one of her nipples gets hard when the other one doesn’t.

sasha_1We celebrated Playboy’s New Cyber Girl of the Year 2011, Bethanie Badertscher in studio!!! She feels her sexiest when she slips into a bubble bath then puts on some lingerie and a pair of heels. And boys if you really want to set the mood for Bethanie, put on some classical music.