On the Sauce: 4 Funky Festival Drinks

IF YOU’RE HEADED TO ANY of the insane amount of EDM music festivals taking place this summer, you know they’re the perfect place to meet new people, experience new sounds and broaden your musical horizons.

Some mixologists have taken the themes and attitudes from summer music festivals and translated them into a wide variety of delicious drinks that are perfect for the season.

1. Absolut Wild Cocktail

Absolut makes some of the most consistently drinkable vodka, and they have a wide variety of perfect summer-weather concert drinks. The Absolut Wild Cocktail is a fun one to make, as it’s fruity and light but strong at the same time. You’ll need:

  • Absolut flavor Berri Acai
  • Three whole Brazilian cherries
  • Two to three pieces of acerola
  • Five leaves of basil
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar (as fine as possible)

Once the hard ingredients are muddled together—that means smashed up and mixed as finely as possible—add the alcohol, shake and strain over ice. You’ll feel instantly tropical.

2. Glow Stick in a Drink

Glowing drinks are awesome and will impress everyone at your pre-game. But beware, too many glowing drinks can have you doing some funny shiz. This drink is meant to be mixed in large quantities and really only glows under black lights. Mix all the ingredients listed below, add ice just before everyone drinks it and look forward to seeing stars.

  • A couple liters of gin or vodka
  • About 9 liters of tonic water
  • Three to four bottles of pink lemonade concentrate or what is known as Roses Mojito Passion

3. Cotton Candy Martini

In honor of the Electric Daisy Carnival, the cotton candy martini is sweet and strong. You’ll need some pretty specific ingredients, like raspberry-flavored vodka, cotton candy and those specifically flavored types of alcohol like grenadine and Chambord.

  • Take a martini glass and add some sugar to the rim.
  • Over ice in a shaker, mix:
  • The flavored vodka, Chambord and grenadine with some champagne

Shake it as much as possible.

Then pour the mixture over a decent sized pinch of cotton candy you have placed in the glass.

The air-whipped candy will dissolve and add a pinkness to the drink, which is especially perfect to be drinking in the VIP tent, if you can find your way into it.

4. The Rave Nation

Celebrate America’s rave nation status with this fruity, rum-infused cocktail.

  • A couple shots of cherry-flavored rum
  • Half a shot of pomegranate juice
  • Sprite
  • Some cherries

Pour it all over ice and add a few cherries. Drink two to three of these before you hit the dance floor and you’ll be the life of the party.

Remember: Normal is not standard when it comes to EDM, so live it up.