Nipples at the Met + More James Cabot Ewart

THERE’S A MAN OUT THERE DOCUMENTING NIPPLES. Okay, what I mean is there’s ANOTHER man out there documenting nipples. Like for a project. All of the nipples at the Met! No less. Dude’s name is James Cabot Ewart, and this is the website he’s set up for the nip pics: Here are a couple of pics that don’t look too NSFW. It’s true they’re not exactly sexy. More nubby than sexy, really. A collection of protrusions.

“I am currently photographing every nipple on view in the permanent collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art,” he says on his blog, adding, “above is a random sampling, here is a link to more, updated every Sunday.”


Here at TSJ we also think Ewart’s drawings–light, funny–are great.

So here are 3 for you to see.


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