Cinco de Mayo MILF Combination Plate #2 Ninel Conde

Ninel CondeHappy Cinco de Mayo! Who’s the hottest Mexican MILF? Everybody knows it’s 45-year-old Salma Hayek. Really, there’s no doubting that fact.

Or is there?

Ninel Conde is huge in Mexico but hasn’t crossed the border, so to speak. We don’t know how old she is but she has a teenage daughter so that puts her in the MILF category for sure. Like Salma, Ninel has a telenovela background — our understanding is that telenovelas are like soap operas but with bigger boobs. Thus Salma and Ninel.

One could go back and forth. Is Ninel as devastatingly gorgeous as Salma? Eh, perhaps not. But to paraphrase Boon from Animal House — sometimes you’re willing to trade looks for a certain morally casual manner of dress.

Now, if we could somehow figure out how to get Salma to dress and shake her junk like Ninel — then we’d really be onto something.

Viva Mexico.

Ninel Conde