Smoking Poll: Which Awful NFL Game Will You Not Mind Missing in 2011?

nfl schedule

Well, the NFL announced their 2011 schedule yesterday. That’s normally cause for excitement, but as of right now, it’s not even guaranteed that there will be a football season in 2011.

Sure, people are still swearing up and down that there’s NO WAY the league and the players would let it get to the point of actually canceling games, but nobody thought a lockout would happen either, and here we are. To put it mildly, the prospects for enjoying an NFL season this year are pretty bleak.

So, we decided to look for a silver lining in the otherwise bittersweet announcement of the 2011 NFL schedule. There are some great match-ups on the horizon if the season does miraculously happen, but if it doesn’t, we can at least rest easy knowing there are also some pretty awful games that we won’t be subjected to either. That leads us to today’s poll.