Viral Outbreak: Breaking…Hiccup…News


There’s something to be said for unwavering professionalism in the face of adversity. Remember that painful to watch “Boom Goes the Dynamite” sports report that blew up the internet a few years ago? Well this video is a lot like that, except instead of nervousness and inability, the scene stealing affliction is hiccups.

It would be bad enough if this poor woman let out one boisterous hiccup while trying to read the news. But it’s worse than that. This ordeal goes on for over four minutes, and the hiccups begin early and never go away. We only wish we had some behind the scenes footage of her employing all of the standard hiccup curing tricks (teaspoon of sugar, glass of water, hold your breath, etc.) while the pre-recorded portion plays and she’s mercifully not on the air.

Unfortunately, if she did think to try any of that, none of it worked and hilarity ensued.