Weekly Release: The Strokes, Soundgarden, Gucci Mane and More

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It’s a big day for new album releases. We’ve got new stuff from The Strokes, Soundgarden, Gucci Mane and more! And we’ll be talking about all of it. There’s also a new live album from Green Day that hits stores today. We’ll politely pass on discussing that. Hopefully you understand.

Let’s get to it. This is your Weekly Release for the fourth week of March, 2011.

Soundgarden – Live on I 5

Get ready to party like it’s 1993, because Soundgarden has a new live album out today. It’s their first ever live release, and early reports indicate that it’s a good one. Honestly, we’ll take just about anything featuring Chris Cornell that helps us wash the taste of that Timbaland-produced debacle of a solo album he released a few years ago out of our mouth. We’re just happy to see him not being a pussy anymore, you know?

Richard Ashcroft – United Nations of Sound

And get ready to KEEP partying like it’s 1993. The 90′s nostalgia train rolls on with a new album from Richard Ashcroft, the reclusive and legendarily moody lead singer from Brit heroes The Verve. You might remember them as the band who dropped the earth shatteringly awesome “Bittersweet Symphony” and were then immediately sued by Mick Jagger and company for sampling an obscure orchestra cover of a Rolling Stones song. If not, click that link and listen to it now. Everyone should hear that song at least once. Seriously, it’s the shit.

Or, you might remember them as the band who recorded that shitty “Freshman” song, if you’re stupid and have them confused with The Verve Pipe.

At any rate, The Verve is no more, but Ashcroft is still at it, and he’s still pretty fookin’ great.

Chris Brown – F.A.M.E.

R&B’s most notorious Rihanna batterer has been on the road to redemption of late. Few things are quite as effective when it comes to making people forget that you like to punch chicks quite like a really good single, and Chris Brown, against all odds, has a great one on his hands. Granted, this song would have been way better if it was just Busta Rhymes and Lil’ Wayne killing it. Chris Brown’s involvement is more of a nuisance than anything, but still, the song is pretty damn good.

Will it be enough to get us to pick up his new album today? No. No it won’t. But still, great song.

The Strokes – Angles

Hey, The Strokes, welcome back to work! Depending on who you listen to, Angles is either the greatest Strokes album in the history of forever, or a disjointed mess that suffered from the fact that the band seems to not really enjoy each other’s company much anymore (they recorded the bulk of it in separate studios).

With that said, isn’t pretty much every Strokes album received that way? They’re a band you either love or hate. Unless you’re the person writing this, in which case, you don’t really care either way. But, you know, welcome back anyway.

Gucci Mane – The Return of Mr. Zone 6

Gucci Mane has been all over the news lately. First, he spent some time in a mental health facility. He followed that up by providing some insight into why he was in a mental health institution by getting a fucking ice cream cone tattooed on his face.

And now, he’s got a new album out! Hooray?

Pharoahe Monch – W.A.R.

Yes. Hell yes. Pharoahe Monch. Never heard of him? Well then you listen to shitty music. Enjoy your new Chris Brown album.

The rest of you already know that Monch has been one of the consistently greatest and most underrated lyricists in hip-hop since his days with Organized Konfusion back in the early 90′s. He’s been around for damn near 20 years and has only gotten better over time.

Do your part to support the good shit and pick up a copy of W.A.R. today. That’s all.