Weekly Release: Tom Waits, Pistol Annies, The Game and More

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Whoa, Nelly! It’s a good day for new music! That said, allow us to clear one thing up right away. There is no new Nelly music being released today that we know of. Using his name in the opening sentence was probably a little inconsiderate towards whatever type of person would be excited by that kind of news. We surely don’t know any, but they may exist. Sorry.

But there are some pretty incredible names releasing new music today. Miranda Lambert! Sorta! Tom Waits! But only a single! Dr. Dre! But only as a guest!

That and a whole bunch (maybe one or two things) more, in today’s Weekly Release…

CSS – La Liberacion

What’s the statute of limitations on hating a band for being the unwitting accomplices in a viral video sensation that transforms their song from obscure gem to theme song for all that is corporate? If John Mellencamp released a really cool song tomorrow, would it be enough to make up for what he did to a few consecutive NFL seasons by selling the rights to his song “Our Country” to a truck company? If hearing that song eight times per game didn’t make you want to move to Canada, then you’re probably a terrorist.

Same thing happened with CSS, sort of. They were responsible for that “Music Is My Hot Sex” song that, in a perfect world, only a handful of people (but enough to keep the band eating, you see) would remember only from this adorably low budget music video…

Unfortunately, what most people know that song from is this viral video (Holy shit, he’s typing on the screen, son!) that if we’re not mistaken eventually evolved into a full on Apple commercial. It’s a double edged sword for sure.

Now, CSS is back with a new album. It’s actually their second since Steve Jobs blessed them with financial stability (we hope). It’s got a nice beat and you can dance to it. With a Footloose remake on the way in a few months, you just might need a record like this. Forgive them for their alliance with Apple and give it a chance, won’t you?

The Game – The R.E.D. Album

Hey, look, it’s this guy! We’ve never really been sure what to make of The Game. He’s from Compton, but seems to have an unhealthy fascination with the East Coast, an even more unhealthy obsession with Dr. Dre and it just seems like at any given time, about 10-12 really well known people hate the guy for some reason.

That said, if you put a good producer behind him, good things tend to happen. And Dr. Dre is apparently all over this album. So much so that four songs on the album are just some slight variation on the title “Dr. Dre.” So this puts the number of albums Dre has appeared on this century at about three. Greatest of all time!

As required by federal law, Chris Brown, Drake, Lil’ Wayne (see the above video, which is in no way a direct ripoff of the “Run This Town” video), Rick Ross, Young Jeezy and Tyler the Creator all make appearances on this album. The song with Lil’ Wayne is about being in a gang, so that’s pretty edgy, a sarcastic quip we make solely because no potential gang members are in the general vicinity right now.

Pistol Annies – Hell On Heels

This isn’t technically a new album from country music darling Miranda Lambert, but people will treat it as such. It’s more like one of those “super group” situations, but in this case, we only know that one of them is actually super going into it. That would be Miranda Lambert, and having her on hand means this album will be at least 90% about handling firearms, drinking strong booze and slashing some dirty whore’s tires in a dive bar parking lot. That’s good goddamn times, even if you don’t like country music.

Fortunately, the other two parts that form Pistol Annies, Angaleena Pressley and Ashley Monroe (first and third to sing solo in the above video, respectively) more than hold up next to their way more famous band mate. You might even have to watch the video to figure out who’s singing what. But that wouldn’t be a bad thing. It’s good stuff.

I Break Horses – Hearts

Nope, we’ve never heard of this band either. And yes, we included them here just because of their name. Unfortunately, with a sweet name like I Break Horses, we were expecting something worthy of that very task. Death Metal perhaps. Instead, what we get is basically a 2011 hipster approved version of Enya. It’s not your parents Enya, that’s for sure. Nope, it’s your Enya, you clove smoking, ironic facial hair wearing freak. And that’s way worse.

Tom Waits – “Bad As Me”

You might remember Tom Waits from that Cookie Monster Mashup we posted last week. We didn’t know at the time that it was (probably) all part of a bigger plan to get some ears and eyes on the wonderful announcement that new Tom Waits music was on the way.

And now it’s here, kind of! The title track from Tom Waits upcoming album, Bad As Me, which hits stores October 25th, is everything you expect from Tom Waits these days. It’s beautiful, it’s chaos and it sounds like the album will be more of the same if this adorable Listening Party video is any indication.