Weekly Release: Joss Stone, Wu-Tang Clan, Vanessa Carlton and More

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Let’s just put it out there, it’s stupid hot outside. Like equator hot. If anyone ever moans about how mp3 downloading killed the music industry, remind them that it’s currently 103 degrees outside and there has yet to be a song written that is worth venturing out into hellish conditions like these just to purchase it. But you can download all the songs you want right from the comfort of your recliner without breaking more than a very minor sweat.

So, instead of risking heat stroke to take in a baseball game, why not curl up in front of your music downloading machine and check out some of the new music available for your listening pleasure this week?

This is your Weekly Release for the last week of July, 2011…

Joss Stone – LP1

The untimely death of Amy Winehouse might seem to have left a void in the British white girl soul market, but the truth is, that hold has been filled for a long time now. Even before Amy Winehouse was being all too honest about her aversion to going to rehab, Joss Stone was scoring with soulful covers of White Stripes songs and a series of critically acclaimed albums.

And she hasn’t been arrested for public intoxication even once!

Kelly Rowland – Here I Am

Former Destiny’s Child member and current “where are they now?” subject Kelly Rowland answers that very question today with her new solo album, Here I Am.

We haven’t heard the album, but rest assured, we’ve watched this video a time or two. We might have even had the sound on a few times.

Black Rob – Game Tested, Streets Approved

You remember Black Rob, right? He came on the scene with all sorts of hype and promise back in 2000 as a member of Bad Boy Records. His single, the appropriately titled “Whoa!”, performed well, but then Black Rob’s career hit a snag when he went to prison. Just like that, he was gone.

But now he’s back! Are you excited? Eh, neither are we, but still, it’s nice to see the guy free again at least.

Vanessa Carlton – Rabbits On the Run

We’re just going to say this…we have a hard time trusting Vanessa Carlton’s judgement.

Sure, she’s a plenty accomplished musician with a nice selection of albums and hit singles to her name. But at the same time, she also went out with the lead singer of crappy 90s band Third Eye Blind for a really long time. Surely you can appreciate our skepticism.

Wu-Tang Clan – Legendary Weapons

Hey, look, it’s a new Wu-Tang Clan album! Except it’s not, really. While it is billed as an album by the Wu-Tang Clan, the official Shaolin publicity machine is already distancing the legendary group from this album of an equally legendary name. According to them, this is not an official Wu-Tang album, but rather a collection of songs featuring the members of the Wu-Tang Clan alongside other, less important members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Got it. So this is different from any other Wu-Tang Clan album how again? True, RZA isn’t handling the day to day production skills and GZA is nowhere to be found, but still, nobody is going to listen to this as anything other than what it is…a new entry in the Wu-Tang Clan saga. But the pre-emptive distancing of the group from the project doesn’t give us a lot of hope that it’s going to be a good one.