Weekly Release: Cool Kids, Incubus, Blake Shelton and More

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Is this a big week for new music or what? Seriously, we’re asking. It’s weeks like this that make us wonder if we’re getting a little bit out of touch with the rest of the world. There are a lot of names we recognize on today’s roster of new album releases, but with a few exceptions, there aren’t really any records we care about coming out today.

For example…

Cali Swag District – The Kickback

Is anyone else excited for the new Cali Swag District album? We want to first pay all due respect to recently deceased group member M-Bone before we say this, but isn’t waiting around for the second Cali Swag District album a bit like waiting around for the follow-up from the dudes who released “Whoomp There It Is!”? Nobody’s really doing that, are they? We dunno. Let us know.

If Cali Swag District isn’t your speed, maybe you’ll be more comfortable with…

Colbie Caillat – All Of You

This feels like deja vu. Like maybe we’ve discussed this new Colbie Caillat album before and, for some reason, it has returned to be discussed again. Ah, right, that’s because we totally have discussed this album before, back on May 3rd, 2011, to be precise. Looks like that previous release date came and went without a new slice of medium strength white girl soul on the record store stands.

But today is the day, for real this time, we think! A delayed album can only be a good sign. It just means she’s doing that little bit extra to make sure the album is perfect. Either that, or it’s teetering on the brink of never being released because of record label drama. Either way, we’ll probably never know what happens to it after this day. But if it’s your thing, get after it.

Incubus – If Not Now, When?

Never, that’s when. You and Limp Bizkit can both stay in whatever corner of barely together band obscurity you’ve both been wallowing in for the last few years. Are people clamoring for a return to the glory days of the 1990s? Yes, but only because we all had way more cash back then. It has nothing to do with the music which, as the decade crawled to a close, became increasingly awful.

And now, Limp Bizkit is back with a new album and Incubus are hot on their heels with an album that asks the question, If Not Now, When?

Like we said before, preferably never.

Blake Shelton – Red River Blue

And here we go again. Blake Shelton, that’s a name we’ve all heard. He’s a fairly big country music star. He’s married to super-cute yet still super-authentic country songstress Miranda Lambert, which has allowed the couple to keep each other’s name in the news when the music isn’t doing the trick.

And now, Blake Shelton is a judge on the NBC smash hit reality show The Voice. Here’s the thing, though. Among the four judges, he’s probably the one who gets talked about the least. But given that there’s a bit of buzz around him right now, this album will likely be huge. At least he better hope it is. It’s doubtful this dude is going to have another shot like this one.

Also, for some reason his Youtube page doesn’t allow the first official video from his new album to be embedded, so we posted a fucking commercial for the album instead. That’s some lame shit right there.

Sublime With Rome – Yours Truly

Ugh, does this kind of thing ever go well? If you’re unfamiliar, Sublime with Rome is a band made up of the two members of Sublime who didn’t die of drug overdoses and a new lead singer who, we’re guessing, is named Rome. It’s not like this move is unprecedented, The Doors and Queen have staged comebacks in recent years with new lead singers.

But, just as in the case of The Doors being required to tag “of the 21st Century” on to the end of their name, the members of Sublime were forced to tag “with Rome” on after a legal dispute with the estate of deceased former lead singer, Brad Nowell.

Whatever the case, the results of this type of project are rarely compelling. Do you want to hear Nirvana fronted by someone other than Kurt Cobain? The Beatles with Sean Lennon and Dhani Harrison? Fine, The Beatles thing might be cool. But Sublime sure as shit wasn’t The Beatles, you know?

Cool Kids – When Fish Ride Bicycles

Now this is what the hell we’re talking about. It might be a lackluster week overall, but at least there’s one gem in the bunch. Cool Kids are making music like nobody else right now, unless right now is the late 1980s and you listen to a lot of rap.

There are no R&B hooks, no pop music samples…just no frills in general. Only old school beats and rhymes. Put on your Kangol and your Kazals, tell your girl to put on her best doorknocker earrings, and crank this shit up.