Weekly Release: The Kills, Ray Davies, Jim Jones and More

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Last week’s slate of new album releases was a star-studded affair. This week is exactly the same, except far less so. That doesn’t make sense, you say? Well, yeah, you’re kind of right.

But hear us out, there is some star power at work here! There’s a new album from Ray Davies. You know who that is, right kids? You don’t? Well you should. And you remember Jim Jones, right? No, not the cult leader who compelled hundreds of his followers to commit mass suicide. That would just be silly. We’re talking about the rapper.

Fine, we give up. This is kind of a slow week for new music. But we have a responsibility to report nonetheless. Let’s get to it.

This is your Weekly Release for the first week of April, 2011.

Jim Jones – Capo

Jim Jones is at least our third favorite rapper from the Dipset crew. Unless there are more than three of them, in which case he’s probably our fourth or fifth favorite. You get what we’re saying here? We’re saying he’s our least favorite, as far as we know.

That’s not a bad thing, necessarily. He’s got Cam’ron and Juelz Santana to compete with, and somebody has to come in last. But hey, maybe that will all change with this album. Who knows?

Daft Punk – Tron: Legacy Reconfigured

The best part of Tron: Legacy, which of course was the music, gets unnecessarily toyed with on Tron: Legacy Reconfigued. Daft Punk’s original soundtrack gets remixed and reworked by a bunch of, um, remixers. Wonderful.

Raveonettes – Raven In the Grave

Raveonettes have always been like a band just on the verge of being huge, but so far, they aren’t. But God love ‘em for sticking with it, because they really have put out some great stuff.

They’re back in action today with Raven In the Grave, an album title that sounds a funeral party, until you see the spelling, then it just sounds like a funeral about to happen.

Do you think they’ll get the same amount of hell for the song we posted here that Lady Gaga did for “Born This Way”? Because this shit sounds exactly like “Dancing In the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen.

Ray Davies – See My Friends

And speaking of Bruce Springsteen, he’s featured on this track from Ray Davies’ new album, See My Friends. On this album, a plethora of reworked versions of vintage tunes from Davies and his legendary band The Kinks, things take a turn for the Santana by featuring some of today’s biggest artists paying tribute to and performing with the man himself.

Springsteen is a highlight, but Metallica taking on “You Really Got Me” should be pretty interesting also. Right?

The Kills – Blood Pressures

And finally, a new album from The Kills. You might recognize lead singer Alison Mosshart from her side gig as lead singer of The Dead Weather, a band she formed with Jack White, formerly of The White Stripes. You might recognize the other guy as Kate Moss’ boyfriend, if you live in England.

This album probably would have happened much sooner if not for the aforementioned Kate Moss. Apparently, she got in an argument with her rock star boyfriend and, always the lunatic, tossed his laptop in a swimming pool. That laptop contained six new songs from The Kills which were unable to be recovered. Couldn’t they just have recorded those songs again? We don’t know everything about the recording process, but it seems like a reasonable solution.