Weekly Release: Good News for People Who Love Bad Music

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Holy buckets, this is a slow week for new music. When the highlight is the CD version of an album that was released digitally in December, you know you’ve hit a dry spell.

Let’s get to it, this is your Weekly Release for the third week of April, 2011.

Kimberly Caldwell – Without Regret

You remember Kimberly Caldwell, right? She was on American Idol, you know, awhile ago. Since then, she’s been hosting red carpet events and other similarly back breaking work which apparently got in the way of releasing an album. But the wait has finally, mercifully, come to an end. Kimberly Caldwell’s debut (we think) album is in stores today.

And just like that, our long national nightmare is over.

The Music of Glee – The Warblers

We may have stood up for Glee in one of our Don’t Hate features, but that doesn’t mean we support this nonsense in any way. Our reasoning behind that article had everything to do with sexy cheerleaders and dudes in wheelchairs having sex with said cheerleaders and nothing to do with acapella renditions of Katy Perry songs.

Gorillaz – The Fall

Like we said, here’s your “new music” highlight of the week, folks. The Gorillaz released The Fall as a free (sort of) download way back in December, and it’s a fantastic album. A fantastic album that we’ve listened to a million times and have no intention of spending any money on now that it’s being released on CD. But hey, if you’re one of those die hard fans who has to own everything, by all means, go nuts.

Duff McKagen’s Loaded – The Taking

Oh, hey, it’s a Guns ‘N Roses spin-off! When has that ever gone horribly awry except for always? Someone listen to this and tell us what you think, because we sure as shit aren’t going to.

Foo Fighters – Medium Rare

Over the course of their long career, the Foo Fighters have built up an impressive roster of cover songs to go with the piles of hits they’ve amassed over the years. Those covers, which have paid tribute to everyone from Gerry Rafferty to Prince to Cream, have been sprinkled around as B-sides here and there and (unless you know how to use the internet) were often hard to find.

Thankfully, all of those fantastic cover songs have finally been gathered together in one place on Medium Rare.

“But, TSJ, you said everything released today was awful!” is what you’re probably not even saying right now. Well here’s the thing, if you haven’t purchased this yet, you probably won’t be. It was released as an extremely limited vinyl-only pressing for this past Saturday’s Record Store Day 2011. If you missed Record Store Day (or have no clue what that is) then you missed the boat. Unless you want to pay $50 or more on eBay, of course. Happy hunting!