Weekly Release: Michael Bolton Duets, Y’all!

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It’s been a slow couple of weeks for new music. Or at least that’s the excuse we’ve been using for not doing this column recently. We sincerely hope the lack of Weekly Release activity didn’t lead you to believe that the music industry had finally come crashing down in a fiery heap. Those fears are unfounded. The compact disc is alive and well and we’d like to sit with you on your couch and talk to you about it if your mom says it’s okay.

There is a new Michael Bolton album in stores today. We’ll talk about some other stuff first. Save the best for last and all that. This isn’t our first time around the block, we know how to build the drama. But, man, new Michael Bolton. It’s like Christmas in June, you know?

Bon Iver – Bon Iver

Jay-Z told us that Auto-tune died, and that may have been true. But now, Bon Iver is telling us that, like Jesus or a zombie, it has risen once again. And this time around, it’s settings are set for “make me sound like Peter Gabriel.” That’s not a bad thing, but it’s like Peter Gabriel mixed with something else. Mike and the Mechanics maybe.

But still, this is some baby making music if the woman looking to make the baby wears really big glasses with no lenses and drinks PBR and other outsider activities. Celebrate it like Valentine’s Day and make out with a hipster.

Weird Al Yankovic – Alpocalypse

Oh boy. Weird Al Yankovic is back. Has anyone reading this not grown up with Weird Al in some sense? He’s been around a long damn time. There was all sorts of hubbub about the possibility that Lady Gaga wouldn’t allow Al to use his parody version of her smash hit “Born This Way” on his new album. That was all cleared up though, and now we’ve got an official video for “Perform This Way” and a new album, Alpocalypse, in stores today.

Al goes after Gaga with guns blazing in “Perform This Way.” We’re kind of surprised she did approve the idea. It’s harsh. And hilarious.

Liam Finn – FOMO

Liam Finn is the son of Neil Finn of 80′s band Crowded House. They sang this, you’ve heard it.

We bring that up because Liam Finn probably grew weary of having that mentioned alongside his music years ago. That’s understandable, the problem is, the music on his first album was the kind of light rock stuff that made us think, “yep, sounds like something that guy’s kid would make.” Not that it wasn’t a good album, or anything. It was fine. But it was nothing that’s going to get him out of the shadow of his father.

It sounds like Liam is going for that with this first single from his new album FOMO, which is in stores today. It’s louder than anything else he’s ever made, at least. You know how we like to rock.

Jill Scott – The Light Of The Sun

Jill Scott lost a bunch of weight. If you don’t believe that, or if you maybe you hadn’t heard, she brought along a couple of real fatties to provide backing vocals in this video. She also brought along Black Thought from The Roots, but he just raps to an assembled crowd of onlookers in the beginning. He’s not in the actual song. That seems like a missed opportunity. Eve drops by and says a few lines from a Special Ed song before launching into a verse of her own. What the hell ever happened to that guy?

Michael Bolton – Gems: The Duets Collection

Yes. This is what the world has been waiting for. No doubt capitalizing on the popularity surge that can only come from singing about Captain Jack Sparrow on a Lonely Island song, Michael Bolton is dropping a delicious slice of duet-filled goodness for your adult-contemporary listening pleasure today.

If you emailed that Captain Jack song to any of your friends, you’re bound by the rules of internet etiquette to now purchase a copy of this album.