Weekly Release: Adele, Saigon, Radiohead and More


Well this is an interesting week. After featuring Drive By Truckers and ROBOTANISTS (we didn’t just have a caps lock seizure, that’s how they spell it) last week, they’re right back this week. And they brought some interesting stories with them! Oh, and there’s a new Radiohead album! We wonder if the internet knows about that one?

Let’s get to it. This is your weekly release for the last week of February, 2011.

Radiohead – The King of Limbs


Aren’t you glad you have us around? Sure you are, because if you didn’t you would likely have NO idea that Radiohead released a new album a few days ago. It’s not like anyone else is really talking about it at all.

It’s true, though, a whole new album. You don’t have the option of downloading it for free this time around (wink wink), which is kind of a bummer considering there are only eight songs on the damn thing. But they kept with the “waiting until the last possible moment to let people know it was being released” shtick that they employed when they released In Rainbows a few years ago.

We won’t even bother telling you what it sounds like. Even if you didn’t know this album existed up until right now, which is highly unlikely, you’ve already decided whether you’re going to download it or not. That’s just how it works with Radiohead, you either love them or hate them. So, we’ll skip the details and just point you to where you can find it.


ROBOTANISTS – ROBOTANISTS Does Radiohead’s The King of Limbs in 24 Hours


Now here’s where things get interesting. You might remember that we featured a new album from ROBOTANISTS just last week. So right now you’re probably like “What, did they record and release a whole new album in seven days?” Don’t be an idiot, they didn’t record an entire album in one week. They recorded an entire album in 24 hours!

As interesting as that sounds, it gets better. The album in question is their version of the new Radiohead album, The King of Limbs. You’d think with that kind of turnaround time this would be a way stripped down, borderline solo acoustic affair. You’d be very wrong. There aren’t quite as many bells and whistles flitting around in the mix, but it still sounds like the kind of album most bands would take six months to put together. That ROBOTANISTS could put this together and release it in a matter of a few days is not only a testament to the permanently altered landscape of the music industry, it’s a testament to just how goddamn talented this band is.

And guess what? They’re giving it away for free! Click here to download it now. It’s free, what do you have to lose? And maybe spend a couple bucks and download their only-one-week-old new album Plans In Progress while you’re at it. It’s money well spent.

Drive By Truckers – Sometimes Late at Night (EP)

dbt late at night

Here’s another band we featured last week who returns with a pretty neat story this week. The Drive By Truckers, this writer’s pick for best band in America by a wide margin, released their most recent album, Go-Go Boots, just last week.

Being the all around good people that they are, they decided to help out the little guy by offering up an exclusive EP called Sometimes Late at Night to anyone who purchased the new album at an independent record store. Great, right? Sure it is, except for one thing. The band has a pretty ravenous fan base who jumped at the chance to pre-order Go-Go Boots months ago and, while there were some extra goodies in the deal for them, this EP wasn’t part of it. As you would expect, people weren’t too stoked about that. Cries of “what about us?” rang through the band’s Facebook and Twitter pages. And then, shit got really problematic.

Due to a mix-up with a supplier, fans who pre-ordered the album on vinyl either received their orders late or, in some cases, are still waiting to receive them. Talk about a public relations disaster in the making.

Well, yesterday the band made it up to those pre-order fans in a big way by emailing all of them a free download of that much sought after Sometimes Late at Night EP. As one of those previously shunned and wronged pre-order fans, this writer couldn’t have been happier about that. The EP features unreleased live tracks, a studio version of their cover of Vic Chestnutt’s “When I Ran Off and Left Her” and is every bit as excellent as I imagined it was when I was seething over the prospect of having to buy the new album twice just to own it.

Consider yourself forgiven, DBT. That was a classy move.

Adele – 21

Adele - 21 Front

Hey, remember when Amy Winehouse’s breakthrough album came out (not her first, which people often wrongly assume it was) and everyone thought she was going to be the most enduring soul singer of our generation? That didn’t last very long, did it? Way to go, crack!

Once the Winehouse ship started sinking, people were desperately in search of a new white-girl soul singer to pass the torch to. It seemed like Duffy was going to take the title, but then Adele came along with that “Chasing Pavements” song and the competition was wide open again.

It looks like Adele is in it to win it, folks. On the opening track of her new album, 21, she drops the line “go ahead and sell me out and I’ll lay your shit bare” like she really fucking means it. Good for her, you know?

Overall, it’s a solid album that would be even more solid if it didn’t have 17 songs on it. But hey, that’s what iPods are for. Skipping songs has never been easier than it is these days. We recommend skipping anything that guy from OneRepublic produced. How fucking awful are they? (Very.)

Saigon – The Greatest Story Never Told


Well hello there, rap music, nice of you to rejoin us!

The name Saigon probably sounds vaguely familiar to you. If so, he does a mighty entertaining job of reminding you why that is on the track “Come On Baby” when he mentions that he’s “like me on Entourage, I’m playin’ myself.” See? He’s the rapper who was on Entourage! You watch Entourage, right?

Yeah, neither do we. But we still know who Saigon is, mostly from the avalanche of mixtapes he’s released while waiting for The Greatest Story Never Told, his first official studio album, to finally see the light of day. It took label changes and all sorts of other industry shenanigans being resolved before it happened, but the album is finally here. And it was absolutely worth the wait. It features production from an all-star squad including Just Blaze and Kanye West, guests like Q-Tip and Jay-Z and a whole lot of relief for fans who feared that the album would be some kind of disaster thanks to all the delays and politics surrounding its release.

The man went through some serious nonsense just to get this record released, do him a solid and pick it up. It’s the good shit.