Natalin Avci is the Sexiest Turk

Natalin AvciQuick: Who’s on the cover of the May issue of German Playboy? Why it’s Sila Sahin, a Turkish-German actress who appears on the soap opera Good Times, Bad Times.

A Turkish Muslim, Sila has landed in a world of crap, receiving threats of violence and risking estrangement from her family, all for showing her boobies in a magazine. She called posing nude “liberating” and all about “freedom” but she’s clearly shaken up at the prospect of losing her family.

Turkey is nominally a secular country, but is overwhelmingly Muslim, and when it comes to radical Muslims we’ve seen this movie before. (Poor Tehmeena Afzal gets hassled every time she wears a bikini.) It is not worth debating whether radical Muslims should threaten with violence girls who show skin. It just isn’t.

We’ll focus on the Turkey issue. After all, we know Turks are pretty cool. Well, we know they’re good basketball players, which is close enough. But what about the women of Turkey? We know so little about them. Sila Sahin is hot, but is she some bizarre exception? Or are there other sexy Turkish women?

We say the latter, and here’s our proof: Natalin Avci. She’s a model/actress who set tongues wagging a little while ago with a photo shoot she did with Ron Artest. She’s got a bit of this and that going on; best way to keep track is

She also plays golf. Don’t ask us how we know, we just do.

(Credit for several of the better photos below goes to Paul Cobo.)