NASCAR: Cougar On the Hood

DID YOU CATCH THE COUGAR on car number 51 at last Sunday’s NASCAR race? No, that wasn’t Will Ferrell taking the wheel. (And it wasn’t an older lady riding shotgun, neither.)

Sometimes real life get mixed up into showbiz.

Case in point: When NASCAR Driver No. 51, Kurt Busch, was set to race without a sponsor at Sunday’s historic Talladega Superspeedway race, his girlfriend came up with an idea. Instead of leaving the car blank, she and Busch would raise awareness for the The Armed Forces Foundation, an organization she oversees. After obtaining permission from writer and actor Will Ferrell and Sony Pictures, car No. 51 was decked out in the finest of Talladega Nights decal.

Plus, fans that tuned into Number 51′s car audio during the race also got to relive events from the iconic movie. Busch was referred to as ‘Rick Bobby’, his crew chief as ‘Lucius Washington’, and his girlfriend as ‘Carley’.

But funny can’t win every time. Busch’s car wrecked — though not as epically as Ricky Bobby’s — and Number 51 came in twentieth.

Silver lining? Busch’s younger brother Kyle drove to a second-place finish.

Catch Busch and the rest of the NASCAR drivers this Saturday at 6:30 p.m. on FOX as they go racing under the lights at the Too Tough to Tame track of Darlington.


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