My Dad is a Bro

Cool DadIs your dad a bro? If so, we hope it’s in the awesome way. So, not a bro in the sense that he’s your mother’s brother and you have a little bit of a tail as a result. That would be bad times. More like the guy in this picture, who you may note is chilling in a bathtub in the middle of his yard smoking and pounding beer. It’s like a scene from one of those erectile dysfunction ads except with a dog where the old lady in a matching bathtub would normally be. That’s a party.

If your dad rocks in a manner similar to this, he’s a bro. And he should be recognized for it. Conveniently, the good people at have come up with an easy way to make that happen. Scheduled for release in time for Father’s Day in May of 2011, “My Dad is a Bro” is BroBible’s first ever book, based off the tumblr blog of the same name. How goddamn excited would your old man be to find out on Father’s Day that you pulled a few strings and got a picture of him doing something rad published for all the world to see?

And it’s easy to do! All you have to do is head to the My Dad Is a Bro submission page and upload a picture of pops doing something cool. Maybe he’s doing an expert keg stand. Maybe he’s performing a life saving waltz in South America. Maybe he’s drunkenly jumping into a huge Christmas tree like Jack Bauer did that one time. Whatever it is, if it displays the awesome your dad normally keeps under wraps, take a picture of it and upload it. Maybe he’ll be internet famous and get a reality show girlfriend or something.

Be advised, based on the submissions we’ve seen so far, the competition is fierce.

Funny Dad

Guy with Mustache

Guy Drinking Beer

You can see even more user submissions and upload your own at the My Dad is a Bro user submission page. And check out the Tumblr blog here.

Now go make your dad famous.