Morning Dump: 9 Types Of Drunk People And More

This is a collection of 15 great stories from some of our favorite sites around the web. Those of us in the industry call it a “link dump.” We run two per day. We call the first one “Morning Dump” because it’s early and we’re immature. We call this one “Morning Dump: Afternoon Edition” because we’re lazy and uncreative by noon each day (click the pics to read each article):

1. Say Cheese!! (HotClicks)

2. Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment Training (Heavy)

3. Newt Gingrich’s Rise Continues, Ron Paul Second, Romney Third In Iowa:Des Moines Register Poll (Huffington Post)

4. Picture Of The Day: Family Night At The Game (TotalProSports)

5. 20 Celebrity Close Ups That Will Ruin Your Day (UpRoxx)

6. The Perfect House For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse (Buzzfeed)

7. Spank Bank: Cynthia (Gorilla Mask)

8. 9 Types Of Drunk People (Guyism)

9. College Football 2011 Week 14 Preview: Cheerleader Edition (CoedMagazine)

10. The Campus Diva’s Do’s And Don’ts Of Getting It In (The Campus Socialite)

11. 5 Fish Clearly Designed By A Madman (Cracked)

12. Korean Race Queen Jeon Ye Hee (DJMick)

13. How Drunk Can You Get At Your Office Holiday Party? (NextRound)

14. Everytime Wu-Tang Says Wu-Tang: The Supercut (BroBible)

15. The Undefeated Packers Get Tested By The New York Giants (Busted Coverage)