Mel Gibson Disguise Suggestions

Mel Gibson Disguise

Considering how many people probably want Mel Gibson dead after his vitriolic tape recordings leaked online, it’s perfectly understandable that he would want to cover his mug out in public as much as possible.

But everyone’s favorite alleged racist is going about this the wrong way. Not only does this confuse everyone into thinking Wilford Brimley has traded in his denim button-ups for a plaid hipster blouse and thick-framed glasses, it’s also obviously still him. How do you forget those evil eyes and furrowed brow?

Fear not, Maniacal Mel. We have a few suggestions for the next time you venture out in public in disguise. Word to the wise, blackface is definitely not the way to go here.

Melly G

Mel Gibson Jersey Shore Guido


Mel Gibson Avatar

Lady GagaMel

Mel Gibson Lady Gaga

Melba Fett

Mel Gibson Boba Fett

Kim Jong-Mel

Mel Gibson Kim Jong-Il