Man Crush / Douchebag of the Week

MAN CRUSH of the Week: Matt Flynn

THIS YEAR HAS BEEN NOTHING IF NOT THE YEAR OF MATT FLYNN. No one dreams of being a seventh-round draft pick—that would be like dreaming of becoming a movie extra. But a lot of people dream of becoming the single-game Green Bay Packers passing record holder, most notably (in theory), Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. And for Matt Flynn, the seventh rounder, that dream is a reality.

In a game when pretty much every good player for the Packers was just hanging out on the sidelines, Matt Flynn put on a show against a Detroit Lions team desperately trying to win to avoid an inevitable first round playoff loss against the New Orleans Saints. So all Flynn did was go out and throw for 480 yards and six touchdowns.

While there’s not exactly going to be a quarterback controversy in Green Bay (I’m Team Matt for record), Flynn, who is conveniently a free agent after this year, will certainly be coveted by pretty much every professional football team and the St. Louis Rams.

I couldn’t have told you who the backup quarterback for the Packers was before Sunday. Simply put, it was probably the best performance of any player in the NFL all season. While he might just be Matt Cassel or Kevin Kolb 2.0, he made a career for himself in just one day. And that’s something everyone can admire.

Unless he somehow cost you your fantasy championship, in which case 2012 is pretty much going to be the worst year of your life.


DOUCHEBAG of the Week: The Oakland Raiders

IT HAS BEEN A PARTICULARLY GOOD TIME RECENTLY/FOR DECADES to be a Raiders fan. But this year was different (although they couldn’t help trading first-rounders for Carson Palmer, it’s in their blood). First and foremost, Al Davis died. And then they nearly made the playoffs, despite Darren McFadden being out for much of the year.

But they’re still going to be hated by the entire sporting world because their inability to beat the Chargers and make the playoffs. Meaning the Denver Broncos do.

There was very little Tim Tebow did in Sunday’s game against the Chiefs to suggest he’s actually a quarterback. He went 6/22 for 60 yards and a pick, good for a 20.6 QB rating. If you took away him being listed as a quarterback, you might have assumed he was a punter and the Broncos continually ran fake punts.

The whole Tebow thing could have been killed off. I mean, even when he was winning games for the Broncos, John Elway would say things like, ‘We are considering possibly lending some support to allowing Tebow to be our quarterback maybe.’ He hates Tebow. And after that performance on Sunday, it would have been enough to allow the Broncos to actively look for a new quarterback, perhaps one that just threw for 480 yards and six touchdowns (which is 41 more yards and five more touchdowns than Tebow threw for in his last three games combined).

But now all we are going to hear about next week is Tebow, who will be the worst quarterback to start in a playoff game ever. And you know the Broncos are going to be close with the Steelers late in the game and Tebow will do what he always does and just give the ball to Willis McGahee and throw some horrible incompletions to stop the clock and next thing you know, the Broncos win the Super Bowl and Tim Tebow is going to Disney World to marry Pocahontas.

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