Viral Outbreak: 1950′s LSD Research

Try as we might, we’ve yet to respond to one of those classified ads seeking research study participants and had it turn out to be something like this. While we usually just end up popping some sort of newfangled blood pressure medication for 30 days and hoping the side effects are worth the $100 we earned, this chick gets to trip balls. Lucky!

In this recently unearthed footage, a woman is interviewed prior to being administered a dose of LSD, which you may know better as “the drug mom and dad were whacked out on when they mistakenly conceived you in a porta-potty at a Grateful Dead concert.”

At first, she seems to be having a pretty decent trip, but the creepy old guy peppering her with questions the whole time doesn’t seem to help that along much. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), the video isn’t long enough for us to witness the part where his interrogation finally sends her over the edge and she hurls herself through a tenth-story window. You’ll have to dig up one of those cheesy 1970′s after-school specials to see something like that.