Loving the Lou

Lou Piniella, the confused and (most likely) senile 66-year-old manager of the Chicago Cubs, announced that 2010 will be his last year at the helm of a big league ball club. Piniella has been a skipper for 23 years and is well-known for his occasional bouts of managerial rage and frequent looks of bewilderment in the dugout. This seems like as good of a time as ever to look back at some Kodak moments from Lou’s career.

Lou Piniella Ejected

"Please stop touching my midriff"

Angry Lou Piniella

Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays

Lou Piniella Scratching

Batting practice is always a good time for a self-inflicted wedgie

Don't worry, lots of managers can't remember their own players' names

Can you get suspended for accidentally gut-bumping an umpire?

Losing the lineup card shouldn't be this funny

Lou Piniella in Dugout

You're officially cut off, old man