Leslie Nielsen’s 10 Most Unforgettable Performances

Leslie Nielsen AirplaneLeslie Nielsen passed away this week. So did Irvin Kershner, the director of Empire Strikes Back. It was a toss up as to whether to post a bunch of clips from Empire Strikes Back or post a bunch of funny as hell Leslie Nielsen clips. We decided on a compromise. We’ll all promise to grill some tauntaun steaks this weekend and toast Irvin’s memory, but right now we’ll spend some time laughing our asses off at the antics of one of these greatest comedians in motion picture history.

Leslie Farts on National TV

Known for his ability to play bumbling every-men, Leslie Nielsen was no fool and certainly could “stay classy” and maintain his composure in some of the most trying of circumstances. Watch as he turns his Morning Show fart into a lesson on statesmanship and composure.

Don’t Call Me Shirley

You know what you’re in for with this classic Nielsen quip from the film Airplane!.

The Naked Gun Trilogy- Funniest Moments

Somehow, a failed TV show called Police Squad! spawned three hysterical movies following the adventures of bumbling detective Frank Drebin. Leslie Nielsen’s portrayal of Frank Drebin is a stupid-guy-humor icon in the same league as the Three Stooges and Fletch. The series is also the sixth most notable thing O.J. Simpson is known for after murder, armed robbery, citrus juice, football and murder again.

Leslie Pitches For Medicare

In thirty seconds, Nielsen manages to make us wish we were just a few decades older because Medicare sounds hysterically fun.

Leslie Nielsen in Amsterdam

Even more implausible than making us fall in love with Medicare, Nielsen manages to make the Red Light District in Amsterdam seem interesting and cool. Plus, he makes us want phone service in the Netherlands.

Monday Night Football with Leslie Nielsen

Nielsen reprises his role as Frank Drebin to tell the story of a Monday Night Football curse that had long plagued the Bengals. As if just being the Cincinnati Bengals isn’t enough of a curse on its own.

Login/Password From ‘Wrongfully Accused’

Short, sweet, and hilarious. This Mission Impossible parody is something only Nielsen could pull off and keep it from being lame.

We Go Back A Long Way – Spy Hard

Spy Hard is quite the underrated film in Nielsen’s catalog. From Weird Al’s glorious James Bond theme spoof to clips like these, it’s more than worthy of a spot in your Netflix queue.

‘Surf Ninjas’ Trailer

Rob Schnieder playing an Asian? The guy who played Keno from TMNT: II? Leslie Nielsen as an Asian warlord with a half metal face? There is so much terrible in this film it must be good.

President Harris in ‘Scary Movie 3/4′

Nielsen’s portrayal of the POTUS was both Frank and daring. See what we did there. Frank is a play on his Naked Gun character who is a moron, much like President Harris. Nevermind. Just remember that we lost a really funny guy this week and promise to laugh a little harder than normal at the next two clips.