Kris Cunningham: She’s Sexy and She Knows It

TSJ chatted with the shapely and in shape model, Kris Cunningham about modeling, Vegas, and Ugg boots.

The Smoking Jacket: Where are you from/based out of?

Kris Cunningham: The beautiful city of Seattle!

TSJ: How long have you been modeling?

KC: About two and a half years.

TSJ: What do you like best about your look?

KC: I like overall having a healthy, fit physique.

TSJ: What’s a great night out for you?

KC: I like to pack a lot of activities in, so let’s go to dinner at a great restaraunt, go bowling or do some other kind of physical activity (batting cages, mini golf??), and maybe see a funny movie.  Or, my FAVORITE “great night out” would be just walking around on the Strip in Las Vegas.  There is always so much going on and it’s different every time!

TSJ: What’s the craziest shoot you’ve ever been on?

KC: I have been to Costa Rica to shoot a couple different times, that is a crazy adventure in itself…one time on a sunrise shoot, we could hear howler monkeys in the jungle about 10 feet behind us!  And for me, I really enjoy cars and have had some opportunities to shoot with some special ones… so any time I show up and there is a rare or cool one there, I am going crazy.

TSJ: What do you think you bring to the modeling world?

KC: A spunky attitude. And usually a pair of Ugg boots, haha.

TSJ: What’s your favorite workout?

KC: I am a runner, I get at least four miles in, six days a week!


Photography by: Erik Christensen, Deed DeBruno, Jason Lee, Andy McFarland, Gary Miller, Darrell Pierson,  Aaron Riveroll, Andy Silvers.